How my traveling began part 1

I had always wanted to travel but of course traveling costs money and that’s something I had very little of as a student. I had dreamed of traveling to the USA. My cousin had told me about a Work Away program that pays for your flights and visa and gets you work in high end country clubs in florida , what’s better then earning dollars and basically traveling for free don’t get me wrong , working at country clubs is a lot of work but it’s worth every experience as you meet other co workers from all around the world. Young travelers all like minded put in the same housing , there are bound for a few to get off the rails and trust me many do and some people take it a bit to far. I was always pretty much sheltered growing up so some of the things I’ve seen other young travelers get up to just shocked me , but as time went by I became more open minded.


Secrets of my travel experiences

Where do I begin


I have so many crazy but real stories to share with you ,things that have opened my eyes things I thought I would never see and I’m not just talking about the places I got to see , this is more about what went down and what young internationals got up to whilst traveling the USA . In this blog I will be changing names of people as the stories that went down are rather hectic but very entertaining and I don’t want to get into any situation for using someone’s name but just note everything I do share actually happened even though I still don’t believe some things actually happened as they are so bizarre , I’m going to have to break this blog up into Many blogs as I have so much to write about so stay tuned as I will be sharing  my journey .